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Local Family Run Florist, Est. 2019


Velvet and Blooms started in 2019 by a Mother and two Daughters. It started with a simple love for all things flowers and grew into wanting to share our love for blooms with the rest of Henley-on-Thames. It was important for us that we could all take part in the venture and Floristry was the perfect focus. Katherin (Mother) has MS and so it was important that she could help and support whilst sitting down. Equally, Lauren has her own Wedding & Event Management business so wanted to take part in something that would relate to the Wedding Industry. Lastly, Jessica has special needs and so needed to be something creative and where there is no 'right or wrong' and floristry proved to be the perfect activity and joint venture. Over the last 4 years, Velvet and Blooms has become a great small local business for Henley and we're so lucky to have so many fabulous local supporters. 

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